Hayling Island, July 1986
Hayling Island, July 1986
The first group of Dutch real tennis players visiting England

Between 1987-1992 the Dutch RTA organised its National Real Tennis Championships at Seacourt, during which years the players received excellent training from Chris Bray, Peter Brake and Seacourt's headpro Peter Dawes. Ned Danby, his son Nick and other Seacourt members showed sincere interest in the progress all the Dutch players were making and regularly watched the semi-finals and finals from the dedans.

Since 1993 the Dutch RTA Championships have been held at The Oratory. By courtesy of Lady Rose a number of champion matches are also played in the marvellous, historical setting of Hardwick House tennis court. The Oratory, with its first-rate sporting facilties such as lawn tennis courts, 9-hole golfcourse and its indoor swimming-pool, has attracted a large number of participants. The most common number of players that have participated in the Dutch RTA championships from 1993 onwards, is between 15-20. Theo Bollerman en Feikje Nassy have by far won the largest number of titles.

Radley College Court
Radley College Court

Radley ...


Dutch RTA titleholders

2011Andreas van Braam HouckgeestSaskia BollermanHugo van der MeerSaskia Bollerman
2010Martijn van LeusdenFlorentien MolkenboerOskar KnötschkeSaskia Bollerman
2009Steven ChapmanMarian van KoesveldGijs DreijerSaskia Bollerman
2008Steven ChapmanMarian van KoesveldPaul BollermanSaskia Bollerman
2007Martijn van LeusdenFeikje NassyPaul BollermanSaskia Bollerman
2006Martijn van LeusdenFeikje Nassy
2005Theo BollermanFeikje Nassy
2004Theo BollermanFeikje Nassy
2003Theo BollermanFeikje Nassy
2002Martijn van LeusdenFeikje Nassy
2001Theo BollermanLucie Bollerman
2000Theo BollermanFeikje Nassy
1999Theo BollermanFeikje Nassy
1998Theo BollermanFeikje Nassy
1997Theo BollermanFeikje Nassy
1996Theo BollermanFeikje Nassy
1995Theo BollermanLucie Bollerman
1994Cees de BondtJill van Duuren
1993Hans OosterhuisFeikje Nassy
1991Brian WitherdenFeikje Nassy
1990Brian WitherdenFeikje Nassy
1989Theo BollermanLucie Bollerman
1988Theo BollermanLucie Bollerman
1987Theo BollermanFeikje Nassy
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